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Forum & Criticizing attitude

2015-04-04 02:45:35 by Acc3ptD3fault

I had an account with newground back in 2003, unfortanatly i do not remeber it anymore so I have to agree upon the decision of making a new account instead of remembering old passwords & emails, it wasn't ever going to be found again. 

I have created a new account & am excited to see how newgrounds has evolved over the years, I currently stream games on twitch, from 100% completing games to just having fun with the community, I have no current time set for streams as I do them every weekdays but also maintaining a job so the hours get jumbles but the excitment happens usually around 5pm. 

Follow & you can keep updated, I do stream randomly.

Thank you for your time, have a fantastic day.


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2015-04-04 06:11:48

Hello there,I just happened to find your post and what luck!I had the same problem and I also created a second account.It's funny that comments do not have the 'useless' status nor do they need titles.There's a dumping grounds for tests and other unfinished stuff(these are the only few things I can think that changed here).And,did you try to find your old account?You just need to find a review or old work that you submitted,using your old account.That's all I have to write,good luck in all your projects and take care!

Acc3ptD3fault responds:

thank you very much =)


2015-04-04 16:51:30

cool! I had one in 2005 so i understand your pain with that, but otherwise lookin forward to see what you put out :v

Acc3ptD3fault responds:

Just seeing how much this site has expanded & the community is flawless!
good to be back on Newgrounds :D


2015-04-08 11:12:26

Don't need to thank me,if you need any help,just ask and I'll do what I can to help!

Acc3ptD3fault responds:

Your positive energy is all I need <3 .


2015-04-09 02:22:06

Ah!Just don't get an overdose!