Entry #3

I figured it out *Entry#212"

2015-04-12 15:44:51 by Acc3ptD3fault

I suddenly awoke

noticed the sheet infront of me waiting for my signiture & a candle of red wax placed ontop 

I had one last look at my bedroom door before I decided to complete what I've started, I sliced my palm open & waited.

I heard the sign I was waiting for, placed my bloody palm on the sheet & finally lighting the candle, Just as I looked up the closet door I was sitting infront of opens, The room is silent, nothing can be heard, not even the 40km winds (I live in the prairies so yes wind is always a factor)

just before I proceeded through, I glace over my shoulder to see what this really could be, for some reason it was the YLYL banana fucking photo & all of its lame as memes

** I'll never understand **


*I kept a journal of dreams ever since i was 14, I revisit the ones I like but also keep a book that consists of nothing but the horrors I've endured beyond a plain of excistance, I read them every night"



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